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If your new to network marketing, and have little to no clue where to begin, here’s a few tips:

Draw up a business plan. When you have a few potential companies in mind, write out your plan for building your business. Even before you’ve officially aligned with a company, it helps to have this plan figured out early. That way you can hit the ground running when you do eventually start at a company. Keep these things in mind when designing a business plan:
What product or service are you intending to sell?
Who is your intended market?
How much time will you dedicate to this? Will it be a part-time commitment or are you planning on working seven days a week?
What is your goal? Do you want to get rich or just make some extra money?
Think long-term. Where will you be in five years? Ten years?
What is your marketing strategy? Will you make cold calls? Use the internet? Go door to door?
You can update or change the plan as needed, but it helps to have a guide when you’re just starting out.

There are 2 main reasons network marketers fail .
So many people give up before they realize why their business isn’t succeeding or blame their failure on the structure of the company. The reality is, there is two main reasons that people fail…
1st Reason for Failure – No leads

This is typically the hardest thing for marketers and it is a major contributor to the dismal 97% failure rate, leads are the Achilles heal of all home business owners

No leads = Massive Fail

Without leads your business is dead before it has the chance to flourish. Plus, it just sucks to fail and is a horrible blow to your confidence. If you’re failing to generate leads AND you’re feeling like a failure, keep reading! Your business doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence.

2nd Reason for Failure – Lack of Confidence/Fear

It’s never a fun journey in business if lack of confidence is getting in the way.
Confidence comes from within, you can’t fake it and your business is a great reflection of your power and belief or lack of confidence in yourself. Most of us are a little uncomfortable at first but once you break out of that “Comfort Zone”, gain some knowledge and begin to watch your business grow, you’ll be well on your way to running a successful network marketing company.

The lack of leads is a little easier to overcome than the lack of confidence ,but once you start generating leads, believe me ,it is a massive confidence booster!

There are several ways to generate leads ,most are free, which of course, is so much better than paying for them. However purchasing traffic is a great way to build your list fast, if that is your goal. Unique or free leads give you high quality, targeted leads that are looking for what it is that your offering, making them a vital key to your success!

Whether your looking for free or paid , you’ll find everything you need to help take your business to the next level throughout the pages of my blog, You will find some useful info on how to generate free leads using social media as your vehicle.



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