relationshipHave you ever wondered how so many “heavy hitters” in this industry make such obscene incomes in such a short period of time, while you work your butt off for months only to produce a few pennies? After all, you are duplicating their methods and systems, right? You’re downloading the same PDF file, you’re on the wake up calls, you’re paying for the traffic, you’re doing the three-way calls, you’re attending the webinars, you’re giving away value like candy on Halloween night — so if that’s how they did it, why isn’t it working for you

Please understand right now that there are “Leaders” in this business (a term I prefer over “heavy hitter”) that do achieve substantial success, starting from scratch, in a relatively short period of time using all the basic techniques described above — because they are exceptionally good at it. Let’s be honest, some people are just better at network marketing than others. However, one of the greatest aspects of this industry is its way of leveling the playing field. Even those that are not very good at it can still succeed, over a longer period of time, by slowly acquiring the skills necessary with the help of those who preceded them on the road to success ­ or by enrolling someone else who already possesses these skills. I in no way want to diminish the achievement of those who genuinely earned their income with effort and commitment to what they truly feel in their heart is the best MLM opportunity.

Quite possibly these “LEADERS” have worked on building their list for quite some time or brought some people into the biz from another failed MLM, while some were born with the natural talent. Except for the rare occurrence who, like sports stars Tiger Woods or Wayne Gretsky, achieve monumental success quickly due to natural talent, the chances of overnight success is minimal.
When I first started out in network marketing I was a “newbie” and did not fully understand the importance of how to properly invite people to look at my offer. It should be relatively simple to get people to share in my excitement?! Obviously harder than I thought because without this important skill set, i struggled

I had no mentors, no coaches ,I was flying by the seat of my pants {I look back and remember how desperate I must have sounded early on, No wonder no one was joining me!}. it is best to say less to more people and to stop sounding like a desperate used car salesman. Once I learned the art of building relationships and inviting qualified prospects to look at my opportunity, my personal business did a COMPLETE turn around. This sponsoring process is not talked about often in the industry so I want to pass along the exact tips that worked for me in hopes you will create more success in YOUR business.

And here is the ART of NETWORK MARKETING in a nutshell……..The amount of growth and success you have in network marketing is 100% about how many other people you help. Its about THEIR goals, their “why”, changing their life, seeing them succeed, watching them cross a stage at an event celebrating their hard work. Inviting people into your business is about THEM, not about you. When it becomes about you, your energy and approach will be desperate and self serving sending your prospects running for hills, avoiding your attempts to message them one more time about your great product or service and ignoring your phone calls.

So get your mind, heart and energy in the right place. “Who can I help today?”

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