Everything You Should Know About a Call to Action

Everything You Should Know About a Call to Action   The phrase Call to Action occurs quite regularly in marketing. You see it everywhere in articles, on blogs and websites, and pretty much anywhere else there is a potential subscriber to be added to a particular list. When we speak of a call to action… Read More

I just had to do an honest Affilorama review for their free membership program, founded by Mark Ling.  Affilorama has become a landmark idea by this millionaire affiliate marketer. Mark created Affilorama because he had a dream of helping the most inexperienced and intermediate marketers, become top notch affiliates. In order to do this, Mark… Read More

So one might ask…”What are the Benefits of Starting an eCommerce Business“ There are many entrepreneurs whose heartfelt desire is to grow a business that allows them to live a lifestyle of their dreams, and have it run more or less on autopilot. eCommerce tends to  correspond to those ambitions. Wikipedia defines eCommerce as:  the trading or facilitation of trading in products or services… Read More

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So what is it that makes a great ad? Well, there are a few key components. Storytelling: Good advertising almost always tells us a good story. Great ads have convincing, simple, and stimulating storylines that engage the audience and draw them in. An uncomplicated, well told story, is often remembered. You want your viewers to… Read More

“I’ll be back” You know the name of this classic sci fi starring Mr. Universe 1970 himself , Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Terminator… An indestructible cyborg sent back in time from the year 2029 to kill the mother of the future savior of mankind, John Connor. In the eyes of Skynet, Connor poses a serious threat… Read More

Press Releases That Work

In this post I want to cover a few things. First, what is an actual Press Release and secondly, how a press release can help you gain massive traffic to your website. A press release (PR) is a short, compelling, news story indicating the release of a new article, newsletter, product or service.It is written… Read More

Building an email list is an essential part of building an online business. If you were to ask the industry leaders what they would do first if they all had to start over again from scratch, most of them would tell you they would start by building a list. Some of you may be trying… Read More

Possibly one of the biggest obstacles to overcome as a business owner is how to overcome the fear of rejection. And I’m not just talking about the thousands of “NO’s” you will hear from prospecting. There is also the rejection from our friends and family members and even co workers. This is the one fear… Read More

story telling secrets revealed/boblyle.com

Story Telling Secrets Revealed Even since before language was invented, people have been telling stories to illustrate points and theories that leave lasting impressions on the people that have heard them. Throughout history, stories have captivated the hearts and minds of kids and adults alike and are passed down through multiple generations. The popular phrase… Read More