Is a Call to Action button even a necessity any longer?

Everywhere you look online you see them and you may not even know it is a CTA. From the stores you shop at to the insurance companies you get your quotes from to the restaurants you eat at, they nearly all have a call to action, but is a Call to Action button even a necessity?
It is a way not only to keep you informed, but even more importantly, the means by which they keep you coming back. The CTA is used primarily to help convert the reader into a paying customer or client.

So Is a Call to Action button even a necessity any longer? Only if your trying to build a business, sell something, building a list or just overall trying to be just a little successful online

Your CTA needs to be designed in such a way as to not distract the user or visitor from what it is you want them to do. Too much text , too many images, too many links, etc.. can overshadow the main goal.

Of course you’re looking for positive results with your CTA, so remember, simple is effective.

call to action button 1

Always use professional quality images. This creates a setting that builds trust.
Low quality images leads the visitor to believe that you are not serious. This simple element could be the downfall of your landing page.

Never use fake testimonials. This is a huge no-no in my eyes. I’ve seen my share of phonies and I wouldn’t waste another second looking over the page. Most people can tell the difference between a genuine customer and a paid stand-in.
These types of mistakes can leave a lasting negative impact on your visitor.

One of the most simple elements on any Call To Action is the button. But it could in itself lead to drastic upticks or massive downturns in your overall conversion rates.

call to action button 2You’ll want to make your button size large enough so the user doesn’t miss it but small enough it doesn’t overshadow critical information.






I don’t want to get into the different aspects and studies about buttons, but I want to point out some of the most effective CTA button texts.

You can of course edit these to suit your own offers.

  • Click Here
  • Click Now
  • Download Now
  • Immediate download
  • Download Immediately
  • Instant Download
  • Learn Today
  • Take Action Today
  • Take Action Now
  • One Step Closer
  • Step One (Step One: Click Here, Step One: Enter Your Email, Go to Step Two)
  • It’s Your Opportunity
  • Opportunity Awaits
  • Try it free
  • Join now
  • Join the Club
  • Your Invitation
  • Get Yours Now
  • Get it Now
  • Grab Yours Now
  • Grab Your Free Copy (eBook, Offer)
  • Reserve Your Seat NOW
  • Offer expires in/on _______
  • For a short time only
  • Limited Time
  • R.S.V.P Only
  • Sign Up Now and receive a free gift
  • Request your FREE Book today
  • Money Back Promise
  • Best value
  • Only 15 Copies Left
  • Expires at midnight tonight
  • Free Offer Ends 12pm EST
  • Sign up now, while you still can…
  • Add to Cart
  • Buy Today
  • Call Now
  • Click Here
  • Contact Now
  • Donate Today
  • Enroll Now
  • Find Out More
  • Get a Free Quote Today
  • Immediate Download
  • Join Now
  • Learn More
  • Register Now
  • Reserve Now
  • See it in Action
  • Sign-up Here
  • Start Now
  • Take the Tour
  • Talk to an Expert

Here’s a cool free online Call To Action button generator you can use to get some great ideas and some free buttons a Call to Action button even a necessity any longer?

Remember to keep your button or your CTA in line with your readers focus. Often CTA’s are placed to the right of the content so that natural eye movement captures its view while some sites utilize a scrolling CTA so it stays with the reader as they move down the page.
Remember to keep your CTA simple.

Keep in mind, people really don’t like to be told what to do. Offering yourself and your value will go much farther than being bossy. Make sure your focus is on the action they have to take in order to get that value.

Next time you put together a CTA, remember to consider these three things:

1. The visitors/readers motivations for clicking
2. What will they get when they click
3. What is the value of the item or service they will receive by clicking

When it comes to your CTA, no one element stands alone. They are each one surrounded by other elements. But it’s focus for you , the creator, is the success of the one single element that stands head and shoulders above the rest, which is the click of the button.

For the visitor, it’s what surrounds the button that makes the difference. The story you tell and the way you tell it is what is going to be the deciding factor between a click and a bounce.


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