So what is it that makes a great ad? Well, there are a few key components.

Storytelling: Good advertising almost always tells us a good story. Great ads have convincing, simple, and stimulating storylines that engage the audience and draw them in.

An uncomplicated, well told story, is often remembered.
You want your viewers to relate to your situation and characters, this will make it much easier for them to engage and care about your advertising.

Relatable situations: If your ads are “for people like me”, they will be much more effective. They communicate precisely to the consumer and what they care about. You want your viewers to relate to your situation and characters, this will make it much easier for them to engage and care about your advertising.

Humor: People love humor. It is actually said to be the shortest distance between 2 people. There is room for some humor in your advertising, just don’t go too hog wild with it. . Make sure your humor is appropriate not only for the ad but age appropriate as well. If your target market is 45 year old professionals, humor targeted at 20 year olds may not have the desired effect.


10 Common Factors of Successful Advertising


1. HEADLINE IS #1 MOST IMPORTANT: The headline you use in your copy is of more
significance than any other part of the ad. If you have trouble getting the viewers attention,(Attention,I.D.A.)
they probably won’t continue reading.There is a method and a strategy here so follow along to see what I mean. Common Factors of Successful Advertising

paragraph is just that. (The first paragraph of the body copy.) The headline
captured the viewer’s attention. If you want to keep their attention,
you must make the next part just as compelling, the opening paragraph.
This is the beginning of your (A.Interest.D.A.) to keep them wanting more.


It’s imperative to get to the point at the very
beginning of the copy. Preferably in the first few lines.
If you put off telling the reader what you have to
offer, you’ll lose them for sure.


4. SELL BENEFITS – NOT FEATURES: What possible responders really
care about is, (A.I.Desire.A.), how popular, happy, significant, prosperous,
healthy, better looking or dazzling they can become by using what you have
to offer. What asset are you going to provide them. What benefit will they receive from you?

Forget about  what your
product is… the most important question in your reader’s mind is “What’s in it for


5. SELL THEM, DON’T TELL THEM: Show your readers how to take
(A.I.D.Action.). Your reader doesn’t have the time to analyze  the family
history of your company or to know about it’s founding members.
If you can weave a bit of company history into your copy in a way it will benefit the reader
, then by all means add some of it in , otherwise less is more .


Benefits is the name of the game when talking about direct responsive ads.
Multiple page or wordy-ads and brochures give you the
space to stuff more benefits in your written offer. But will
people take five minutes or more to read it? More than likely the answer is yes. If
you have  enticed them with your headline,
opening sentence and first paragraph, you can load up all the benefits you
like to make things even more captivating.


7. BE SPECIFIC… AND BELIEVE: Some time ago, you could write a rewarding
ad constructed around a headline that simply read, “New Method Reveals How To
Earn Big Money!” – Those days are long gone. Today’s potential responder is going to
be a bit more skeptical and will want a lot more specifics. Always put
yourself in the shoes of the reader.


8. ALWAYS INCLUDE A “P.S.”: Researchers have proven  that, many times your
reader will scroll right to the P.S. section after only reading the headline. A strong
“P.S.”, stuffed full of benefits will bring them back to the beginning to find out
more. Your “P.S.” can also consist of a strong “take action now ” to
add something your reader just can’t pass up. When they “take action
NOW and you will also receive…”, (A.I.D.Action.), more than they anticipated
for one low price.


9.  MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: No one wants to make a costly
mistake. Especially a mistake that leaves them bitter with you.
Ease that fear with your guarantee. The guarantee relates to your
conduct as a business person, not your product or


practice to make your disclaimers the
same color as your background. Be honest and open with your proposal
and you will be sure to boost not only your sales but your trust level as well.
A  great way to learn the art and craft of writing copy is to be
familiar with the writing styles and the way each page you visit is written. Take
notes on other websites, author and ghost writers.


While reading emails or visiting websites, look for signs of the A.I.D.A. principle   .Can you learn
from their writing? Can you apply the same technique  or style to your own writing to either streamline or develop  your own work?  Take note of the
words used to add zest and more importantly… EMOTION.

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