In this post I want to cover a few things.
First, what is an actual Press Release
and secondly, how a press release can help you gain massive traffic to your website.
A press release (PR) is a short, compelling, news story indicating the release of a new article, newsletter, product or service.It is written in such a manner that piques the interest of the reader to visit the links contained within the article.

The PR should contain all the vital information that you want the reader to know about, the 5 W’s  Who? What? Where? When? and of course the most important information..Why?

A PR is a brief statement that outlines major facts of a news story, (in this case, the release of a new article or product/ service) in a journalistic style of writing. It should read like a news story, always written in third-person, referring to quotes, pointing out sources, and should contain standard PR info.

Here is an example of how a press release should be written.pr2

Search Engine Optimized press releases have become extremely helpful to today’s businesses.  Press
releases optimized with keywords and hyperlinks have been time tested and proven to increase traffic to websites and
improve rankings with the search engines.

When using specific articles from your website, be sure that you have followed protocol with searching out keywords and use these specific keywords in your PR as well.

Writing PR’s with embedded links and distributing them across the web can give you a large number of quality backlinks to help your search engine rankings.

Wondering how to get started writing a press release?

First off you need something that is newsworthy! Once you know what you want to “Release“, determine the keywords you will be focus on, and start writing your press release using your keywords. You’ll want to embed the links to your website using those particular keywords.

Now, you’ll need to get your PR published and you will want to do that in a few different sites. You may have to pay for some of the services but some sites offer bulk services where you pay a single fee for multiple releases.

A few of the ones I personally use are 24-7 press release and e-Releases

When promoting a web site, mention the URL within the press release for the maximum benefit. The secret behind writing a strong and compelling press release is to plan and review your press release carefully before publishing it. Distributing a powerful optimized press release can often drive large numbers of targeted traffic to your web site.

A professionally written PR can make the difference between a fruitful press release and a complete failure. Be sure to do your due diligence on determining the correct way to compose your own press release. A single press release written in the proper format, can produce literally thousands of $$ in sales, so it’s important to do it correctly the first time.

As with most marketing strategies, the headline will be the most important part of the PR. If you can’t immediately grab the reader’s attention…well…you know!

Copywriting will play an important role in your PR. Gaining knowledge on writing compelling ad copy is essential to your success. Ck out my post copywriting secrets and freshen up your skills.

If you feel you are ready to start on your PR journey and get some massive traffic, ck out these two programs below and they will also give you valuable tips on writing top notch Press Releases. 

24-7 press release


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