Building an email list is an essential part of building an online business. If you were to ask the industry leaders what they would do first if they all had to start over again from scratch, most of them would tell you they would start by building a list.

3 reasons to start an email listSome of you may be trying to build a business on the internet but having a difficult time trying to figure out if you need a list or not. What’s in it for me.

I’m going to share with you many reasons why building an email list is an important part of your business whether you are a builder, a blogger or a product seller.

Your list is your number 1 asset. It provides you a means to literally produce income from thin air.

Once you have a list and develop a relationship with that list, you can sell this list anything you want to sell them at any time you want to sell it to them.

You can build relationships with an extremely large audience at once without spending any additional monies on advertising and without spending alot of time.

You can get a much better response from your LIST than you can from a single status update on ANY social Media site.

Sending an Email is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse.You can write emails of your own or hire someone to do them for you and when you click send, your actually writing yourself a check.

One of the best things about an email is the fact that most of these people raised their hands to get on your list in the first place!

Here’s a video I did on how easy and inexpensive it is to get your autoresponder account set up.

Here is another video that I did to help you get your first message series set up

Check it out HERE


3 things you must do to start building your email list

#1 to have a high converting lead magnet- give your audience something of value in exchange for their email address. For example, an ebook, a free report, or possibly a video training. People love free stuff as long as it pertains to the niche that they are in. It’s not necessary to create your own stuff to give away ,it is possible to leverage someone else’s product to build your own list.

#2..Have some sort of opt in form, you can post these on your blog as a pop up, sidebar, under your blog posts, etc. You can also create squeeze pages and market them on social media and other locations.

#3.. Drive targeted traffic to your offers. You can promote your offers via facebook, twitter, and other sites as well as using paid ads.

So you drive traffic to your capture or squeeze pages, they opt in with their email address, now you can send them offers on anything you.

Having an email list is a very important asset that every business owner should take advantage of. If you don’t have an account at your own autoresponder service such as Aweber or another service, they are relatively inexpensive to get started and have a very high ROI.¬†

You literally offer people something of value, they agree in exchange for the information you give them they give you their email, and you build a relationship with these people. Extremely easy and very effective.

Learning all the benefits of Email marketing is going to give you the upper hand over all your competitors.

Here are some more email marketing tips.

Learning copywriting will become a huge part of your email marketing. The more you learn, the better your message is, the more they want to open your messages. Learn how to increase your conversions through copywriting.

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