Story Telling Secrets Revealed

Even since before language was invented, people have been telling stories to illustrate points and theories that leave lasting impressions on the people that have heard them.

Throughout history, stories have captivated the hearts and minds of kids and adults alike and are passed down through multiple generations.

The popular phrase in marketing is “Stories sell, facts tell” didn’t just appear out of thin air with no merit. Many companies have built their entire brand, made millions of dollars, and created legends simply from telling a story.

Mastering story telling is a relatively easy and in this post, I would like to share with you 3 simple things you can do to become an artful story teller.

story telling secrets revealed1. How to find or step into your power, and realize your story could be your greatest asset.

2. How to artfully tell your personal story.

3. How to “hypnotize” the readers

Once you grasp the nuts and bolts of how to craft and tell your story , you will
automatically become a much more capable and fascinating communicator, with the ability
to burn your message, into the hearts and minds of your followers, fans and customers


Craft your Story

Here is a simple formula you can use to craft and tell your personal story.

This simple outline works for all different types of stories so once you have the mechanics down of how it actually works, and the more you practice and tell the story- the more powerful the story becomes.The more powerful it becomes, the more and more it will influence the people who hear it.

What was it like=>What happened to change it=>Whats it like now

First off, the first secret to crafting your story is to simplify a lifetime of experience down into a few minutes. The easiest way to do that is first to determine who it is that your trying to influence, why you want to influence them, and what it is that you are trying to influence them to do

(This part is a MUST to understand each time you present this story, whether it be on a webinar, a presentation or even in a phone call or written word, you should be clear on these 3 things if you take a few moments to write down those 3 things so you can get a better idea and have more clarity of your story.

  • Who do you want to influence
  • Why do you want to influence them
  • What do you want to influence them to do

I assume you are wanting to use this story tell for business purposes but even if you are crafting this story for another purpose, you can use the same guidelines.

How to bridge your story emotionally

What was it like: This is the part of your story that needs to demonstrate pain and struggle. This is what will create an emotional bridge to the problem.

What Happened: This part of your story needs to demonstrate a discovered solution, creating that “bridge” to hope and possibility (Better known as “The Solution”).

What is it like now: Here is where your story shifts to demonstrate your results and your specific and positive outcome. you want to create the emotional bridge here towards certainty and confidence (Better known as, if they do what you did, they will get the results you got).

So here would be the outline of your story:

1. What was it like?________________________________________________________________________________________
2. What happened?________________________________________________________________________________________
3. Whats it like now?_______________________________________________________________________________________
Now ,simply practice telling your story with a friend or record yourself on camera and do it in a 3-5 minute span.

The Art of Hypnosis

now, you’re going to learn how to tell your story in such a way that leaves the listener (or reader) on the edge of their seat wanting more. Once you structure your stories using this exact formula, you can lead your listener on a journey that stirs their emotions and has them exactly where you want them.

This formula will add so much value to your audience in such a way it will allow you to teach, train, and pitch your product that will be very well recieved by your people or prospects.

Now, we loop stories together.

You may already do this, but when you start doing it with purpose, you’ll start becomming a much more powerful communicator. more than likely seeing your sales go up and have a much better and bigger following with die hard fans.

It’s very simple the way it works. You begin your story until you get a specific emotional reaction in your audience that you’re looking to create, end the story and start another, then do the same thing again.Then you tell them what you want to tell them (Your pitch, training, info, etc…)
then finish all 3 stories.

Here’s what your story will look like:
Begin story #1____________


Begin story #2____________



Begin story #3___________



Content/ pitch/ training/ info____________

Finish story #3___________________________


Finish story #2___________________________


Finish story #1___________________________


Remember you want to tell your story until you achieve the specific emotion your looking for, and once you have it, end the story and move to the next one.

At first it will seem like you are leaving the story open ended.. and you are (The open loop)
But what you are doing in essence is keeping them engaged and hanging on every last word similar to a good movie that you cant wait to see the climatic ending to. Which my friend is even more awesome!

Now get out there and tell your story because remember…. Stories Sell and Fact’s Tell!

Learning this simple technique and using it to run a ppc ad from your FB business page is extremely profitable and mindblowingly easy. 

The main objective to getting your prospects to listen to your story is so they become so emotionally attached to you that no matter what you are selling, or offering, they are clamoring to get it. Bottom line, You Want People To Buy Your Stuff! 

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