The Master of the Mindset

Do you find yourself still struggling to be the master of the mindset?

Are you struggling to attain new heights with your business?
This post may help you.
I often get asked ” what is the first skill to master when starting a business”
And my response to this question is always the same

And believe me when i say that ALL other marketing training is absolutely 100% ineffective without first understanding and grasping this concept.
The very first skill that any would be mindset should master is…..(drum roll)…MINDSET.

The word “master” in itself is a tough word, and does one really master the art? Unless you are Yoda, or the life guru on the top of the mountain, your chances of actually mastering it are pretty slim. So lets just say that mindset is the first skill you need to work on.

So here are a few things you need to work on towards “mastering” your mindset

#1. Are you going to treat your business like a business? A business is something that doesn’t happen overnight. A business is something that is there to solve problems for others, create a profit, and is a long term investment. So you must ask yourself, do you have that basic level of business mindset? Do you know that it is going to take some time to develop the skills required to operate a home business? Or do you feel like you are going to crush it over night?

# 2. Are you easily influenced by the opinions of others?
If someone came to you and said” Hey man, I just heard that “food” was a big scam. They have been tricking us for years on this entire “food” concept. Are you one of those people who say , “Oh my gosh ,You’re kidding me! I knew there was something amiss with this whole grocery store, nutrition thing!”
Or are you one of those people who writes them off as a kookie and goes about his own business?
So ask yourself, are you persuaded by what others believe?

#3. Does your belief require that others believe in what you are doing?
What if you believed in network marketing, your business, your comp plan, your products, so much, that it didn’t require the belief of others to make you successful? You don’t need approval.Your level of belief in what you are doing is going to dictate whether or not you find the level of success you want to have.


Not That Scam Again

If your talking to someone about your network marketing business and they say” Oh that’s a scam” ..or “that’s a pyramid scheme” …Do you have the level of belief that says “I know it works, it works for me, it works for many others that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, shaking their hands and hearing their success stories”

If your going to rely on the belief or the acceptance of others, you are not going to do very well in this arena.

Honestly,everybody thinks they have the mindset that is needed. They are like “I got this, I’m in charge”, everyone thinks “I’m good man”.


Put your Mindset on the Scale

But here is the scale if you can really tell if you have the proper mindset..
And the scale is….
….Your results.

Your mindset isn’t what you know.
It’s what you have created.. it’s what you have done.
When you look at the size of the team you have created..that reflects what you know about building a team.The Master of the Mindset.fw
When you look at your bank account …that’s what you know about making money
Your results reflect what you know…not what you think you know.
Simply because you read a few mindset books doesn’t make you the master of the mindset.
Just because you read a few books on mastering your income..doesn’t make you the master of making money.

Looking at your results will give you the best overall picture on what your mindset is, and that’s how you get better and better.

Every great leader develops their mindset skills first, then move into other aspects of building their business. Trying to skirt around this skill is detrimental to your success no matter how competent you are at your other techniques.

You can do this ! I have every faith in you. Gaining just some of the basic knowledge of mindset can do wonders for your business, your health and your overall life.

Take my free copy of one of the greatest books ever written for the business community, “Think and Grow Richby Napoleon Hill. You’ll be glad you did.

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