Secrets That the Top Earners Use

Have you come to place in your career or your life where you just don’t feel that you are getting the results you deserve?

You wonder why (or so it seems) that you are doing the work, but not achieving the desired outcome?

If you want to achieve monumental success, you need to mimic what the top earners are doing.

Maybe you need to focus on whats between your ears, and not the strategy.

Here’s what I mean by that and I can sum it up by quoting a top marketing professional Jim Rohn
“Work harder on your self than you do on your business” and
“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”
I’m really not going to give you earth shattering news here.
If you haven’t heard this before then you must have just started in the marketing industry
an hour ago, but mindset is the key to your success.

There are certain things that all top earners in the industry have in common

1: Top Earners Think big
You might be saying to yourself, “I think big! I have high aspirations, I wanna pay off my house and work from home and not have to answer to anybody” That’s great and those are some very achievable goals, but what path are taking to reach those goals?
Top Earners have a knack or ability to see beyond their current situation. They work out those roadblocks because they see the end result. They don’t let those little frustrations become a setback, but see them as progress.
They consistently do things that make them uncomfortable, you know the term, outside the comfort zone.
If you want to be a top earner, then stepping out of your comfort zone is critical.Secrets That the Top Earners Use
If you have a fear of making videos, then start making videos.
If you don’t like talking to people and making new friends, start talking to people and making new friends
Top earners always put themselves outside the comfort zone because that’s where the growth happens
Donanld Trump sums this up by quoting “You have to think anyway, so why not think big?”

2: Top Earners Have an Unwavering Commitment to Their End Goal.
They all have adopted an “I will not be denied” attitude.
If your outlook is one that puts a time frame on how long you think it should take you to reach the top,
then clearly your mind isn’t in the right place. After all, what does a time frame have to do with it? The time is going to pass regardless if your working towards success or not.
If you are not going to be fully and 100% committed to succeeding, then you should really be asking yourself “Why am I doing this?” If your not going to have your heart into it, your not going to see the Glory at the end of the road, get out now and run as far away as you can. That is my advice to the wishy washy, the uncommitted, and the weak.
See the vision and stay focused on it.
Remember, Commitment is an act, not a word.
3: Top Earners Have Mastered Their Thinking
Another quality top earners have in common is that they eliminate their inner critic.
You know the one I’m talking about. The one that constantly tells you “That’s not good enough!”
Although there are some outside forces that discourage us, it’ usually our inner self that is the worst offender.
If friends or family tell you what your doing is stupid or that you’ll never amount to anything doing what your doing,typically you want to prove them wrong. But when you find your inner self telling you that, it becomes real.
When you black out all the negative, you are beginning to master your thinking like the top dogs. Keep your emotions under control and manage the discouragement.
Zig Ziglar said it best “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”
4: Top Earners are Always Investing in Their Skills
If you have any chance of success, you must stay tapped into the latest training. Whatever your niche or corner of the market is, the best tool for growth for any business is Personal Development.
Top Earners have an unwavering commitment to better themselves. If you want to be among the elite, you should take on the practice of daily development.
Coaching and mentoring are development techniques that enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge and work performance. Top Earners invest more into personal growth more than any other aspect of their business. Investing in yourself IS investing in your business.

Warren Buffet says “Invest in yourself as much as you can , You are by far your biggest asset”

5: Top Earners Have Vision And Focus
Becoming a top earner starts with having a clear vision of where you want to go. A vision so strong that it inspires others. Do you have that vision? Are you super clear on the goal itself? Are you clear on all the steps required to attain that goal? Are you living your life in the now instead of in the vision itself?
Having focus allows you to glide over the bumps in the road, it allows you stay on track and not become derailed.
A top earner knows that success isn’t going to fall into their laps or come crashing through the front door. It is something that is sought after. Having a vision and focusing on the end result will take you to the top.
“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Joel A.Barker

6: Top Earners Manage Their Time
We all have at least one thing in common and that is the amount of time we all have in each day. I got 24 hrs, you got 24,everyone has the same. Common denominator. Top earners prioritize money making activities.Some people are busy doing things all day long but aren’t doing the money producing things. What are the things that make you money in your business?
Signing people up in your mlm? Getting new leads? Talking on the phone to a prospect? Whatever your money making activities are, those should be of top priority. But keeping a flexible schedule is also necessary. Focus on the big things first.
Bruce Lee one said “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”Top Earners Take Action

7: Top Earners Take Action
Top earners consistently take action and never make excuses for lack of it. They always do the little things each day that continue to propel them in the forward direction.Taking no action will get you no results. Perfection isn’t necessary, but taking daily action is.
If becoming a top earner is where you want to be ,remove the word QUIT from your vocabulary, because that is one thing leaders refuse to do.They are relentless to see things through.
Remember, disappointment is merely temporary and understand that there are going to be some sacrifices.
“Action is the foundational key to all success.”
Pablo Picasso
If you embrace these 7 secrets that the top earners use and begin to implement them, you’re on your way to becoming one of the exclusive.

Do you have your vision? Have you written your vision down on paper and shout it out to the world daily?

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