Three Mistakes Many Home Business Owners Make


Are you trying to start a home based business but just can’t seem to get a foothold? Are you dealing with distractions in your new environment? You’ve set up that new office, got your desk ,chair and computer in just the right spot. But, right now it’s Judge Judy and Dr Oz hour. After that the girls are coming over for facials and hair treatments, so I’ll start working on that new spreadsheet tomorrow! How often has this happened to you? three mistakes man yhome busines sowners makeI have found that the number one mistake made by home business owners would be that they don’t treat their business like a real business. When they don’t look at it as a “real” business, how can it possibly run like a real business? If you’re only working on your business when you feel like it, or when you’ve got the spare time to squeeze it in, then you’re not treating your business like you should. And you certainly aren’t going to build a business that will pay you for the rest of your life if you only spend time on it when you feel like it.


Open For Business

Be sure to build structure around your business. Whether you’re able to dedicate five hours a week, or sixty hours a week, if it is in regards to your business, you must schedule it. Create a physical schedule, whether it be by writing it down on a paper calendar, or using an app on your phone or email, by making a real schedule for business hours, you are making yourself more accountable and more likely to follow that schedule. It will help you be more disciplined and form good habits, and in the end, it will pay off.


Keeping Track

In order to be productive, we need to know what works and what doesn’t. In order to do this, we need to keep track of our results. If you’re keeping track of your results daily, you will be able to see what is working and what is not. It is also vital to keep records of your communications, especially if you are looking for lead generation and work in sales. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to make adjustments where and when they are needed. Keeping regular hours, tracking your results, and keeping records will help you to treat your business like a business.


Personal growth is also very important when it comes to running a home business. If you do not grow as person, how can your business grow? There are many ways in which a person can experience growth and one of these is by taking a close examination of yourself and relationships you hold with others. While we all make mistakes and are all works in progress, if we do not take the time for self reflection and examination, we run the risk of making no personal gains or growth.


Get Educated

The same goes for being open to new ways of thinking and new technologies. The world around us is constantly changing and if we do not find ways to adapt with it, we could be left in the dust, especially when it comes to the constant technological advances society continues to make. It is up to us to remain open to all of these changes for our own personal needs as well as those of our business and clients. This also applies to the education in your area of expertise and keeping it up to date. It is important to keep re-educating yourself and taking courses and classes as they become available to you.


Home business owners often neglect live events. These live events are the opportune place to make connections and promote your products and services. At live events, new vendors, products, and services are more quickly discovered, especially at expo halls where booths and tables are set up for vendors to display. You can make connections at these events that you may not have made before, and they are fun! There is the opportunity to network, learn new things, you can often have one-on-one time with featured guests and speakers, and some find they make friends for life.three mistakes many home business owners make


These mistakes made by home business owners are things that can be altered with a change in habits, education, and opening ourselves up to new things and ideas. A part of life is making mistakes, and you can’t beat yourself yourself up for any you may have made or will make from here, so remember to hold your head high and keep moving forward. If you can get into the routine of creating a schedule, tracking your progress, and keeping records while working on your personal growth and attending live events. You are sure to gain and become a better home business owner.


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