MLM …is it a TKO?

Are  Networkers starting to “tap out”of the MLM industry? Some say its game over for thousands of would be marketers, even before they get started. But you were looking for the financial freedom that the industry has been promising for so long……

….. that dream, that promise of a lifelong income is all but dead for the average joe.

I assume that you are currently or are looking to pursue ,a career in Network Marketing . You’ve heard of the vast amount of people who have established a “Lifetime Residual Income ” with very little effort, but let me be honest with you my friend…the dream of many has all but faded with the last sunset.


And Yet Another Pre-Launch?

You’ve seen it coming for some time , but you may not have recognized it. Or maybe your trying to ignore it …the constant erosion of your organization.

A  downline  that’s full of constant whiners and those that need constant babysitting.

You seem to be working extra hard for a couple hundred bucks ,when you feel you are worth so much more than that.

Well, you’re not the only one… mlm...beating the dead horse

Are you finding  that the people you worked so hard to find, disappear faster than cheese puffs at a kids birthday party.

It has become the industry of the “pre launch” And unless you are the ring leader in this 3 ring circus. the chance of getting paid is becoming very slim.
Network marketing has become all about timing and the next big thing.
The number of “newbies ” coming into network marketing, is far short of all the newest company start ups. Each one promising a new “wonder product” to save the industry.


The pre-launch is an attention grabber and the companies way of letting you in on “The ground Floor” and marketers flock by the thousands to get in at the top……
If you didn’t hit the big time with this one , not to worry , another pre launch is just around the corner and you’re sure to do much better with your positioning next time around.

And once the gurus get wind of this new product launch (and believe me when I say that they hear about it long before the masses) they will quickly move to the new one ,bringing all their followers with them , and destroy another business from the bottom up…… over and over again.


Get in Before It’s Too Late

Thanks to the internet
There are so many options for these “Get in on ground floor” opportunities, endless options , and such little loyalty.

If you’re a leader in the industry, you know exactly what I’m talking about.
And like it or not, this is the new reality of network marketing.
Instead of leaders focusing on developing skills and staying in a system for more than a week or two , a lottery of lead sources, team builds, websites and magical tools that promise to “build the business for you” has taken over.

Team training has become all but non existent as new systems pop up every 10-20 days, with the promise to be the one true answer for the struggling newbie.


But  There is a  Security Blanket
As you can see, the only way of benefiting from entering the big bad world of Network Marketing. is to become one of the leaders, and not one of the followers

Learn how to build your own downline, your own company and your own success story. Discover for yourself those magical “lead sources” and “scientifically formulated” tools and grow your own business.

There really is no fairy dust, no magic wand ,no easy ,overnight ,get rich quick method …its hard work ,,its dedication ..its persistence ..its having the right tools and using those tools.

This procedure (unfortunate as it is) isn’t done over night. As a matter of fact ,I have seen spoken with professionals who tell me it took them 6-8 years to become successful. Failure is as much a part of Marketing as is success. You will fail many times without the proper guidance , you need but only 1 success

The old school sales routine of cold-calling leads, holding meetings, knocking on doors and trying to “convince” people to look at your opportunity is beating a dead horse

The fastest and easiest way to make money in MLM today is simply to “position” yourself so only the most qualified prospects come to you.

That’s it……….. no matter what all the other MLM “gurus” say about contacting your family, friends and neighbors… attending every meeting… or cold-calling leads — these are really the only truths you can absolutely count on in network marketing today.

You can learn how to do the same thing that the gurus know and the tactics they use — no matter what network marketing company you’re in or if you just signed up in your first MLM business yesterday.

We live in a society that is dominated with fast and easy. While this in itself isn’t always a bad thing , it is bad when trying to go against the laws of growing your business.

Do you think you can go from nothing to something without putting in some elbow grease and hard work? The only way to make it happen is over a continuous period of time, with constant action.

If you want to grow, you must continue to improve your thinking regularly. This starts with learning from everything around you even those things you might disagree with.

You can learn from almost anything if you just open your ears to hear and your eyes to see.


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