Do you seem to be struggling to convert your traffic from your funnels or your website into leads? You just need some help with Increasing Conversions with Copywriting .
But what exactly is a conversion?

Conversion simply means getting your visitors or email recipients to do exactly what you prompt them to do. What action do you want them to take? Opt in to a webinar? Make a purchase? Give you their email address in exchange for an ebook?
If you want your bottom line to increase, you must first increase the conversions. Are you spending lots of valuable time writing posts and getting good amounts of traffic? If your traffic has a very low conversion rate, it’s time to implement some copywriting tactics to increase conversions.

Good copywriting can make the difference between a website that has an extremely high conversion rate or one that actually never earns a dime.

Increasing Conversions With Copywriting

Persuasive Copywriting Tactics that Convert like Mad

You’ve seen that Facebook post that gets shared hundreds and thousands of times? It is more than likely due to great copywriting.

Apply these tactics to your emails, blog posts, videos, Facebook posts and so on.


Commands and Prompts

One of the easiest things we can do is to “prompt” people what to do. With bold, italics and underlining ,your prospects know exactly what you want (most of the time). Examples:

When” you are ready to do that now” 
Now I’m not” saying this can happen magically overnight.”

By Now.

You might be shocked to find out that you may have been targeted with the “By Now ” factor. The mind doesnt decipher the different meanings all the time and by the time your done reading a particular sales letter that is scattered with the words “By Now”, when you reach the “BUY NOW” part, you are ready to whip out that credit card and BUY!
It may sound silly but this tactic has been used by copywritting masters and has proven to work time and time again.

By now, you may be starting to feel a little excited.
By now , you want to know how this is done
By now is only one of thousands , if not tens of thousands of emotional triggers that people use in their copywriting skills.



You have to get people out of their head and into a different state of mind.
Using hypnotic words tackles this aspect for you
words like: Successful, Revolutionary and Profitable, have an amazing effect on people ( there are hundreds of others)

As you analyze every word on this letter, think of all the amazing wonders this product could bring to your life.

Use “WE” instead of “I”

The term “we”suggests that we are a team and we are in this together. “I” is a lot of talking at a person instead of engaging with a person.

Everyone loves words that suggest money such as: Wealth, Best Deal and Bargain , to name a few.

There are lots of words and tricks that get people interested in your offer
but you must “Gain Their Interest” with words like:
Astonishing, Intriguing and Stunning

Power phrases that get them to ACT NOW :
Be the First, While Supplies Last

Copywriting is the highest paying skill on the internet, and good copywriters never go hungry.

Once you learn how to do great copywriting, your conversions will increase resulting in a huge boost in your bottom line

and of course , people then will want to know:
How to Get, How to Have and How to Start
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