Heating Up Your Cold Market

Are you finding out that trying to work and prospect to your cold market is leaving you with chills? I’m finding it is so much harder to establish a relationship with people that have responded to one of my ads than it used to be. Heating up your cold market isn’t rocket science, but it does take some patience and implementing some proven techniques.

It’s really no surprise to see how much more suspicious people have become. Maybe it’s the happenings of the world around us, or maybe it’s because the industry has a bad rap that gets worse and worse with every passing scheme and fly by night “get rich now” program. Either way, people are less likely to trust you than they used to be.Heating Up Your Cold Market

So,how do you establish trust and build your company in times like this? You can persevere and prosper if you follow these marketing strategies, You may not even have to break out the hand warmers to heat things up a bit!


Circles of Influence

It’s important to understand that the ones who are the leaders in network marketing have a large circle of influence. That circle of influence are the people who who know, like and trust you. If you don’t already have a circle of influence, and you want to succeed, you’re definitely going to need one. It’s too bad we cant just go out to the “Circle of influence “store and pick us up a jar, it requires a bit more work than that.

To develop a circle of influence we must begin with a single person at a time! Starting with individuals that you know. Contact them and ask them for referrals. Your facebook friends list is a great place to start.
Build your presence on the web with your email list or your blog (or both). Offer a way that they can get to know you … like adding a personal “About Me” page.


Warming Strategy

Now, how do you “heat up” today’s seemingly increasing chilly cold market? Well, it just takes a little more time to WARM IT UP!!! Here are some tips for heating up your cold market.
1. The use of flyers and business cards may seem a bit old school, but these methods have proven to work wonders for so many for so many years. Add in the factor that these people have already noticed your presence online and your increasing your chances for getting that prospect to trust you.

2. Make sure to use an established and proven e-mail autoresponder. If your not using a trusted autoresponder service like Aweber or Mailchimp, lots of your emails end up in the spam folder. If you think you can simply use your gmail account to respond to your leads, you can get overwhelmed rather quickly, especially if you are using a quality lead generation system like MLSP. Getting 5, 10, or 15 leads per day, although not a bad problem to have, can have you flustered fast if you cant keep up with this amount of emails.

3. If you have contacted the prospect through means of the phone, don’t rush the conversation. Find out who they are, and what they are looking for, ask great questions, and most importantly,  listen. Don’t be pushy. If you’re new at working your cold market, team up with a leader in your upline who is experienced in the pursuit of phoning their leads.

4. Offer something of value that is absolutely free like a report, or an eBook. Not only will it educate your prospect , but it will also help qualify them and will introduce you as the expert. On your free ebook, include a link to your blog.

5. Follow up is critical to develop familiarity and reliability with your prospect. Try not to depend on the autoresponder for all of your follow ups. Speaking to the prospect directly over the phone builds more trust than a “mechanical” style email. Sending a card in the mail helps a lot too! Provided you have your prospects address.

6. Be a real and genuine person. Tell, don’t Sell! Try to tell your own story , if you don’t yet have a story , create one. I’m not suggesting lying, simply build your story through your strategies ,whats working ,whats not , why you got into marketing and why you’re doing so well with it. Network marketing is about being yourself, your genuine best self ! Let your integrity shine and most importantly, speak from the heart, and people will remember you and trust you.

Your circle of influence will grow daily if you continue to use these practices.

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