To Build or Not To Build Your Website
Having a website or blog for your visitors is much like your home base. It shows who you are and what your business is all about in just a few short seconds. So having an attention grabbing display is critical so as to not miss out on any business.

If you’re lacking funding or are short on knowledge, be warned that it can take some ample time, education, and programming to have your visitors see what you want them to see. There are many things that happen behind the scenes of a website and its pages. Items such as HTML, PhHP, Java, and the like, are things that are required to make your site work and without the proper knowledge it becomes even more frustrating.

While having a completely functional site takes some time to build, having a plan on what you want your site to accomplish is of value if you wish to have your visitors get the most out of what your site offers. Visitors want simple ,easy to follow roadmaps if you will, of where to find the information that they seek. Having good organization on your site will not only accomodate your visitors, it will quickly lead them to the places that YOU want them to go as well, which is the place where they either join you in your venture or purchase one or more of the products you offer on your site.
But here is the good news:

A website is not needed to promote your affiliate products, this process can easily be started while you are or your having someone build your site for you. Heres a list of many different ways you can generate some traffic to your offer and raise some venture capitol.

Although a website is not need to promote, it does bring in alot more visitors to your offer than to someone who doesn’t own a site. So getting a website built for yourself,more sooner than later , is a good idea so you don’t loose out on any potential visitors. Having a site can bring in an unlimited number of free visitors, including those who just happen to “stumble across” your site accidentally.

You can start by adding new services to your list as you become more and more comfortable with the way they operate. Be sure that the ones you want to use will benefit you and /or your followers before you spend too much time on them. One can become bogged down with joining too many programs at one time, so take your time.

What is good for some may not be good for all but in this case, its most likely you will find exactly what you need to get a good head start. Add to this list as you find more and more ways to promote yourself but remove from the list those that you see as no benefit to you. Remember not to overwhelm yourself with joining too many all at once. Remember always that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

Direct List Marketing
Generate leads and build your subscriber base. This can be performed with automation and email software such as Aweber
Create Lead Pages
Create Flash Sales and Timed Offers For Immediate Sales
Create A Follow-Up Series With Your Offers
and never forget the power of broadcast messages where you can send bulk mail to all your subscribers all at the same time

Social Media
Linked In
Pinterest (Look at the front page of so you can see this tool in action.)  Notice of the [+] icon under the rest of the social tabs to see how many social media sites are available . Even if “you” are not part of these sites, and someone else is, they can take you to a completely new group of people while you leverage their circle of influence.

Mobile Marketing
Bing Ads

Video Marketing

Google Plus
Video Engines


Article Directories
Article Base
Ezine Articles
Street Articles

Image Marketing

Just to name a few
About Tech Resources
Facebook Business Pages

PDF Sites

Live Marketing
Coffee Cups
Business Cards
Bumper Stickers
Word Of Mouth Referrals

There are many great places to design your own products to promote your business such as Zazzle, spreadshirt, or CafePress. You can promote anything that will support your business name or logo ,such as Tshirts, mugs, pens, or anything you can think of that will keep your name in front or your customers.

New Ideas
Using at least one of these resources from each group should be more than enough to start getting you visitors to your offer(s). If you continue to add new sites from each group with your different affiliate programs and you can begin escalating your business faster each time you add a new resource.

Once you get some experience under your belt, using these resources each time you launch a new product or offer a new service, and by adding one or two more, your efforts will begin to show the fruits of your labor. Limiting your production to one or two social media platforms will slow your achievements.There are so many other places for you to promote your offer. The bulk of these ideas cost little or nothing and once you begin to produce some cash flow, you can move up to some of the paid methods. The sky is the limit.
Get started on these resources and do as many as you are comfortable with. The more of these you promote through, the easier it will be for your prospects to find you and take action. Copy this list where you have access to it and use it as your guideline to get you started.
Simply use this as a guide to promote to many locations at the same time, leveraging a single action to many different locations. Continue to build and add resources daily.

to build or not to Build Your Website

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