The Beginner’s Guide to Website Hosting

When one begins with the idea of developing a website for either their personal self or a business, they at one point or another come to face several words they don’t understand. Prominent among which is “Website Hosting”.

To explain the idea of website hosting, lets consider the analogy of a home. If you have lots of furniture(your website) you will definitely have to own a home(website hosting) where you can put it. Therefore, website hosting is just a place where you can store the contents of your website.

Another word is “Domain Name”. Domain name is just like the address of your home, it is the thing that points your visitors on where to go when they want to reach your website. For example in , is the domain. Whenever you want to go to google you can just type in, and you will arrive at Google.

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There are a lot of different web hosting and domain options available. Among the web hosting packages usually the difference is in the amount of band-with they can handle, basically saying how much visitors can be on the website, and there might be other features like Email accounts, FTP support and the like. Therefore you need to consider how active your website is going to be in the start, and purchase the hosting accordingly. After all, if your website gets an increased number of hits later, you can upgrade your web hosting package. As for the domain names, the price is usually standard and revolves around  $10 per year, and the choice is between the .com and other domains. For the normal user, a .com domain will probably be enough and accurate if it is available.
Therefore these two are the main two initial investments you have to make when you start your website. You have to buy a domain, and a hosting service. Usually, most of the companies provide bundles for these two so that you can get a reasonable price for both of them.

But, just buying a domain name and hosting for your website is not enough. I mean what is the benefit of having a house with no furniture ? Similarly, a website without any content is just nothing.
So, you need to develop it.

Either you can hire a professional web developer who can develop your website as you desire, but in return charge a hefty amount. Therefore this option is only suitable for businesses.

Another alternative is WordPress.

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WordPress is an open-source service that makes it very easy to build web-pages. Of course, you need to know a little programming and handling web-pages, but that’s all. Even if you can’t handle this you can hire a person to handle this with low rates. Many services already provide an option to install WordPress automatically, while some only allow you to install WordPress manually.

After installing WordPress, you can install different themes, and then modify the webpage’s content to suit your specific needs, and add the necessary content like the Home Page and the Contact page. Remember, Content is king.

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