The Importance of Finding a Mentor

The importance of business coaches or mentors plays a key role in the life of an entrepreneur. It is hard to find the proper guidance and path in order to know all the minute details of any given profession. Moreover, it is very important for your success and a long-term benefit that can be helpful in achieving your goals. The problem with finding the right mentor is that you will find many of them around you, but most of them wont have enough time to guide you.
At this point, we have to show, in ourselves, determination, passion and willingness to be a good learner. They say “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. Remember the movie “The Karate Kid?” The student questioned the motivation of the teacher, without realizing what the teacher was teaching  (wax on, wax off). Discipline. The first step in any business venture or life quest. Following the instructions of your chosen mentor is a critical key in the advancement of your success. Mentoring is not meant to be a spoon feeding or a full dependency on the mentor without putting in any of your own effort. Coming to the point, let us have a look at the importance of finding a mentor or a coach to help you achieve success with less efforts and more return.

Endless Opportunities
The vast experience of a mentor is a treasure for you in the wilderness. There are endless opportunities that can help you benefit through your mentor’s long experience. He/she may have gone through all the struggles in knowing the pros and cons of doing a particular task, and you don’t have to spend years to learn all there is to know about it. All you need to do is avail the endless experience of the mentor. You are now open to endless opportunities and your mentor can help you create your own success without giving it such a hard try. Not to say that your journey will be effortless, but with the knowledge your mentor has stored up, it will be less time consuming.

The process of self-development is an ongoing process and with the presence of right mentor or coach, there is motivation. It supports us during those hard moments when everything seems to be on the verge of failure. The existence of “fear of failure” is in every human being. The presence of right mentor will give you motivation, courage and confidence to go through all those failures without being disappointed. This will not only help you achieve long-term goals but will also help in self-development.

Mentors help you to learn from your mistakes. They are like teachers who teach students without recognizing the fear of lagging behind. They simply work with us to make us better and learn new things. If you are in a difficult situation, your mentor will always tell you the path to set out of it and achieve success. According to a  famous saying, “an intelligent person learns from his own mistakes while a genius learns from others mistakes.” The simple and better way to learn is to find someone who has gone through all of the situations, experienced all the failures, and has set himself on the proper course.

Mentor Develops another Mentor
An ideal mentor is not the one who keeps his secret to his own but lets others know about it. Mentors have gone through several hardships and difficulties to stand in a position where they are right now. It is why the support and help given by your mentor will develop leadership skills in you. If you are determined and well prepared to face the hardships as your mentor has faced in the past, he will be willing to share with you his knowledge. With the experience of your mentor and applying your mind completely in the work, will surely help you stand in the same place your mentor stands.

Establishing Links and Contacts
It is always hard to take the first step in any walk of life. Finding the right career and starting it with the aim, determination and passion is important for your long-term success. Mentors realize that new learners face many difficulties in the early days of their career. Therefore, mentors will help you in any possible way to create opportunities. They will help you out in establishing contacts and links with different people who are related to your field. Starting a career with negativity will surely suffer your future. However, mentors are always there to help and encourage moving from tough situation to easier ones.

Learn Other Aspects of Life
Mentors can teach you not only things that are related to your work but will also help you in learning different aspects of life. With the years of experience and knowledge, he may help you to deal with people, handle different situations, staying motivated on your goals and much more. Although, all of them are related to your career but greatly assist in other parts of life as well. Make sure to follow these instructions and guidelines given by your mentor to give your career and life a boost.

Appreciation and Motivation
Appreciation and motivation are the key to success for any person. Whether it be a small child who learns counting or an employee who has done a good job, the need for appreciation and motivation never ends. It is the driving factor for any person to achieve success. Same thing goes for you as a learner. Unless you are not motivated or appreciated by a mentor, there is no way that you will put more of your efforts in it. Therefore, the importance of a mentor in appreciating and motivating you is a key factor of your success.

Resource for Life
A mentor is truly a great resource for life. No matter, how much time you spend on reading books and attending seminars, you will not be able to find the knowledge in a lifetime that your mentor can deliver you in minutes. In short, mentors are a great resource of life that builds a strong foundation for your career. You can make a smooth and steady pathway through this great resource, i.e. mentor. The beginning is always difficult, but once you take your first step; there is no one to stop you from reaching your goal. This is where your mentor is going to be a great resource for life.

Now is the time for you to decide whether you want to search for a mentor to achieve long-term success or willing to go down the difficult path of going at it all by yourself. Your time is precious and the competition is tough. But it doesn’t have to be.

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