Any one who has been involved in Internet Marketing for any length of time, understands the importance of lead generation. There are tons of techniques being taught on the subject, some which cost money while others are free. When your first starting out in your online business venture , money is usually very tight, which means using more free sources to generate leads is most likely where you will begin. So let me start by saying, if you are promoting an affiliate link or your own site or service, without first capturing the customer’s name and email address, you are leaving lots of business and money on the table.

Im sure this seems like very basic marketing and promoting information to some of the more seasoned marketers, but others have not totally figured out how to promote or market effectively.

When you promote a “bare” link, the potential customer clicks on your link and goes directly to the page you are promoting, typically for the newbies in the industry, it is a sales page. The viewer either buys at the page you sent him to, or they continue to surf. 99.9% of the time, they will do the later. The percentage of first time buyers is very low.

What ever efforts you put in to get that person to click onto your link, has been lost and most likely gone forever

Well you say “Im only getting 2 leads a day ,that really isnt enough for me to warrant doing anything differently” Lets put that in perspective, shall we.

2 leads per day =14 leads per week
14 leads per week =56 leads per month
56 leads per month=672 leads for the year

The experts say that an sverage $1 per month is made for every person on your list . Assuming that your list only grows by 2 people per day for the entire year, by the end of the year, you potentially could be earning an extra $672 per month.

So lets assume you keep doing things the same way you are doing them, sending people directly to a sales page, and lets continue to assume that you loose 99.9% of the potential customers you take the time and effort to get to go the sales page. By the end of the year , you could potentially have earned absolutely nothing, or very little.

So heres the much more profitable approach:

РInvest in a good, dependable auto-responder service. Staying with one of the more popular ones is a wise idea. I personally use Aweber, it is a very widely used  and recognized by most email provider services, and its under $20 per month.

– Get your prospects name by sending them to a “Lead Capture Page”. They are relatively simple to set up.
There are 3 main components to a lead capture page, the offer, the email capture (integrated to your autoresponder service) and the redirect button, which takes your potential customer to the page you wish them to go to.

– After signing up to your lead capture page , they are sent to the page you are promoting and you now have a lead on your “list”.

– Now you can send them a series of “follow up “messages over a period of days or even weeks. Your offer is now seen by them over and over. You may want to include other items related to your initial offer in your message follow ups.

– Multiple exposures have proven to be more effective to overcoming sales resistance. Research shows that more than 7 messages may be needed to get your prospect to take action.

This approach of first capturing their name and email address on your list will turn out to be much more profitable to you in your promotion and marketing efforts.

Your sales will increase because you have captured their name and email address and are able to remind them of your product or service over and over again with personalized messages which are sent out automatically by your auto-responder at pre-set intervals. You have all the control over what your messages contain, the frequency of when you send them, what links they contain ,and many other aspects. You typically also have the means to send “Broadcast” messages to your list with one time or special offers, potentially increasing your sales or sign ups.


I hope this article has helped a few on their rise to stardom in the Internet Marketing field.


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