Turn potential into reality

Your every thought determines the direction of your life. If you are moving backward then take time to analyze your thoughts. Make a determined effort to recognize negative thoughts and treat them as your worst enemy. Try not to dwell on them. Putty can be molded into any shape or form and so too, your life can be shaped and your destiny set by your thoughts. Science has proven that when you think you can do something that your mind will find a way to do it.

Remember, the possibility for change is the same for everyone. It only takes acceptance of the idea that change is possible coupled with the determination to follow-through. It’s not always easy to control our thoughts, but certainly not impossible, and the rewards can last a lifetime.

Your ability to increase your wealth, live in abundance, and have financial freedom is all based on your understanding of the universal laws that govern the flow of energy controlling your ability to turn potential into reality. The definition of the term Potential is… existing in possibility or capable of development into actuality.

Now its widely understood and accepted that we all are created on equal grounds with the next person in line or the person in front of us. We all have the the power within ourselves to change the outcome of our lives. This is our achievable reality.

Yet there is more to creating abundance than simply placing an order and then sitting back to wait for its delivery. You have to be giving something of value, adding to the flow, in order to make this work. This is where Action comes into play. Where there is action, there is life and creation.

ACTION is the result of POTENTIAL

turn your potential into realityThe Power of Action is undoubtedly an extremely important part of realizing and utilizing the unlimited resource that has been made available to you. In the center of every being, the power of action is present. One of the laws of success is that the universe rewards those who take action. Action is the foundation of success. You are programming yourself for greatness and success when you take action on your goals and ideas. Acting on your goals will bring success into YOUR life. There can be no success without it.
Wealth, money, success, love, and health are all forms of energy. Being part of the flow means that you are a participating member. Once you understand how to operate in the flow of that energy, you learn to work with this source of energy and actively create your reality.


RESULTS are the outcome of ACTION
When you realize your true attainable  future, when you see it already within your grasp, you will take whatever action is necessary to fulfill the vision, MASSIVE ACTION. Taking massive action produces MASSIVE RESULTS which in turn produces another source of unlimited power, Belief.

The power of belief is a spiritual power we can use to achieve nearly impossible feats. The power of belief is the most awesome force anywhere. It is within each of us, and it is unleashed by a spark created by our self confidence. When our self confidence in our ability to do something is strong and unwavering, our subconscious mind is prodded to awaken our belief. It has been scientifically proven, many times, that when we believe we can do something then we will find a way to do it. As Mary Kay Ash said, “If you believe you can, you will and if you believe you can’t, you are right.”

If for some reason ,you feel that you have little or no possibility to change , or don’t BELIEVE that what you want in life is attainable, then the action that you take will be minimal at best. And since your action is minimal, your results will be dismal. You will find yourself at the bottom of a deep chasm to which there seems to be no escape. Your dreams and aspirations will spiral away. How many times have you ordered that ebook, paid for a course online or purchased some training, spend just a few short minutes in the course and threw it to the side? Only to decide to implement what little you learned from a mere fraction of the training ,got no results , and said “See, I told you this stuff doesn’t work?”

BELIEF is the product of RESULTS

The power of belief is strong and as your belief increases, you will discover things that were once just a dream or a thought, will become fact. To build up your self confidence so it will act on your belief, you have to make sure your self talk is always positive. Become your own coach and mentor, encouraging yourself to do better. Set goals and work to reach them. Reaching goals and talking positively to yourself will build your self confidence quickly. As your self confidence grows, so will your belief in your ability to do what you set out to do. The power of belief is what will make you successful in everything you attempt. Once your belief becomes deeply established, then little miracles will begin to happen for you.

How many times have you sat back and thought how wonderful it would be if you could just wish things true?

turn potential into reality

Humans have always been attracted to this kind of fantasy, embodied in the fairy tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. This desire, this need to have what seems unattainable is evident in the popularity of gambling and the state lotteries. People will spend their last dollars for the chance to change their entire lives in the course of five minutes. But many seem to stop there. You cant think your self into fortune by simply plunking down a dollar on a lottery ticket or playing a certain number at the roulette wheel, although it has happened for a few, your chances are grim.What I’m talking about is life changing mindset that works for all who tap in.

The simplest way of defining the Law of Attraction is this:
You get what you think about, your thoughts determine your destiny. Thoughts have an energy all their own, and they attract things which have a common energy. It is one of the Laws of the Divine Universe and it applies to everyone. It is as unbreakable as any law of science or mathematics. It does not even require your belief to work. Only to control it, to seize your destiny, must you believe in the Law’s power.


If you wish to succeed, taking ACTION is your next goal, simply reading a book on self help or watching some great training videos  is a great place to start. Following through on those actions will get you results.


What Action are you taking right now? Do you have a plan in place to achieve your goals? Simply wishing for something to happen doesn’t make it happen.

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