There are many disputes over what our most precious commodity is, some say its money ,some say its time, some even claim in business that it is positive momentum. Although these ideas in themselves have some merit, none nearly as much as time.

Time , Our Most Valuable Commodity

Time .. it is true that we only have so much of this ,so some would consider it our most precious, we will all eventually run out of time. Making the best use of what we have left of it seems an understatement. I mean ,why wouldnt we want to make the best possible use of our time?
I would suggest that your success as well as your failure… depend almost entirely on how you utilize your TIME.

You can always get more possessions, another job, etc..but you can never get more time and you cant get back the time you’ve already spent.

Time is a resource, but a resource that you cant buy, borrow, store renew,save, or multiply …when people claim that they are saving time, they simply mean that they are managing their time to make the most of it
and unlike other resources such as money, talent or education, time is the one commodity that we are on equal ground with. Science hasn’t figured out a way to make more time and the rich haven’t figured out a way to buy any more.time our most valuable commodity

Your time is yours and only you can spend it.

Everyone has all the time in the world, but no one ever seems to have enough time.

Nothing seems to be any easier than to appear to be busy, while nothing seems to be more difficult than accomplishing a given task. We’ve all seen those co workers who appear busy all the time when in the end, they have very little if anything to show for their TIME.

A few great quotes pertaining to time…

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.. William Penn

Lost time is never found again…Benjamin Franklin

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over…John Wooden
Why is it that some people achieve monumental things in life while others never reach anywhere near their full potential? Mainly because those achievers realize how valuable their time is and use it wisely, Many of us waste this precious commodity everyday. We spend hours and hours watching television, procrastinating, and yet still try to find ways to “cut back the time” or find shortcuts to help save time, never really making any progress toward our goals.
We waste our precious time, time we can never get back.

We all need a break from the daily pressures, so taking some time to gather your thoughts , clear your head, or simply do absolutely nothing is pefectly acceptable.
But when it comes to getting things done, use your time wisely and efficiently.

What are you doing today to make best use of your time?

Do Income-Producing Activities First
Ah, this one is always fun! I don’t know if you’re anything like us, but when we made the transition to home business owners versus employees, we had to go through some major mindset shifts. One of those shifts was to stop thinking like an hourly or salary employee because the reality is you don’t get paid for time as an entrepreneur. You get paid for the VALUE you bring to the marketplace.

Don’t fill your days with busy work just to feel productive. It’s much more important to focus on income-producing activities. You know, the activities that actually bring in sales.

Here’s what we do to make sure that happens:

Create a master list of ALL of the tasks you need to accomplish
Go through the list and pick your TOP 3 tasks that are most important
Complete ONLY those tasks for a designated amount of time with no other distractions
Once those 3 tasks are done, pick the next 3 most important

When you do these activities first thing in the morning as opposed to later in the day, it decreases the chances of them not getting accomplished. Typically, we get more and more interruptions as the day goes on, so knock out your profit producing tasks before the world can distract you!

Another activity to consider is scheduling out your content in advance. One benefit of doing this is that you free up more of your time during the day to engage with your followers and prospects. If you are someone who finds yourself spending a good chunk of each day trying to create and share your content, this might be a good strategy to test.

Turn your tasks into batch work and see what you items you can get done in one sitting. In a flow making videos? Make 5 or 10 in one session. You can do the same with your blog posts, emails to your list, images you create, and social media posts you share. Plan, prepare, and schedule out what you can so that your week is filled with more income-producing activities.

Take Massive Action
Thinking about success and hoping for success will not make it happen. The necessary element is and will always be ACTION. You need to know exactly what you desire and do the necessary tasks consistently to make it happen.

This is where you shift roles from consumer to business owner.

Don’t purchase course after course with no implementation. Don’t attend webinars to learn new strategies but never share that knowledge with the marketplace. Don’t keep planning and dreaming of success, but get stuck in busy work rather than the activities that will make you money.

If your WHY is strong enough and you focus more on your future self rather than your current circumstances, taking massive action will be something that comes easily to you over time.

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