Benefits of email marketing and  best practices

One of the best ways to market to your prospective customers is through email marketing.However, one of the most difficult things to do is to make sure people are actually reading what you are sending.
Nowadays, people are bombarded with all sorts of emails all competing to be opened by the reader. Readers scan their inboxes daily looking for those messages that are eye catching. Having a relationship built with your readers doesn’t always assure that they will read your message, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Want to get your open rates? The success or failure of any email efforts rests largely on the power of your headline.

Benefits of email marketing and best practices

With an average headline, only around 20% of your readers will open your message and read it. And we all know that the “Money is in the list”. So that means we are leaving 80% of our profit on the table. Capture another 20% and you double your sales. Every reader you lose due to a poorly written headline, is money down the tubes.

Subject lines or headlines are that important. Even poorly written emails have been very successful because of the power of the headlines. Your prospects will decide whether or not to read your message in 2-3 seconds. That’s all the time it takes to read your headline. People are the same in the respect we all don’t read a newspaper, we scan the headlines, article and ad headlines, looking only for something that we are interested in reading.

I have been told that I write very good emails by some of my associates in the same business. I thought so too, but was having a difficult time getting those emails opened. My open rates were dismal and I was getting frustrated with the whole “Email marketing” thing. Although I read a few articles on the subject of headlines, I was focusing mainly on the content of the message. So I did a split test on a few emails. My headline versus a headline a colleague had come up with. Same message different headline. The message with his headline opened at a rate 35% above my open rate. Of course now I spend a bit more time finding the perfect headline for my awesomely written messages.

Here are four critical tips for writing those “double your sales” punch line headlines.

email marketing best practices
I know it may seem like a no brainer, but this mistake is made all too often. Take a look through your local newspaper and see how many ads start off with the name of the store or their location right at the top. This is such a waste of the “Prime Real Estate”. Using this tactic can cost you 50% of your potential sales. Keep in mind that your readers could care less about you! They are only interested in themselves and fulfilling a need that they have, or their current desire. If your headline draws them to read your message, and they want what you are offering, they will find you


The “punch line” is the unique and powerful part of your sales message. You aren’t telling a joke here. Do not save the best part of your offer until last. What is the the most compelling part of your offer? Don,t make it the last part of your message and keep the reader on the edge of his seat, he may fall off waiting for the punch line. Shout it out. Make the wording active, not passive. For example, “Save 50% on Generators” is passive. “Take Home A Generator for 50 Cents on the Dollar” is an active headline.

Here is another costly mistake you will see every day. Do not try to get everybody to read your ad by beating around the bush.”Everybody” is not your potential customer. Your prospects are only those who want today what you have for sale today. By trying to capture everybody, you will actually lose some of your most important prospects – the ones that want to BUY. Your headline should sort out the buyers. Be specific. If you are selling Generators then say “Generators” not “tools”. Do not say “Storewide Tool Sale”. Say “Drills, Saws, Hammers – As Little As 50 Cents On The Dollar”. The more focused your headline, and your sales message, the better the response.


The headline should be as few words as possible, yet long enough to tell them what you are selling and why they should read your message. Usually ten words or less is a good target. The consumer will read longer headlines if the first four words grab their attention. If you need more words, start with a large, short headline leading to a smaller type, longer worded sub-headline.


Easy Ways to Get  Attention Grabbing Headlines

Need some good, profitable headlines for your messages?
Here’s some easy ideas to find some great headlines.

Look through your newspaper daily. Watch for headlines on articles or ads that really sparked your interest. Think about why those headlines worked on you.

Ever wonder why the tabloids are being bought and read by millions of people every week? Just take a look at their headlines and you can see the draw. They spark the interest of the reader. These supermarket tabloids pay their staff high dollars to come up with extremely profitable and compelling headlines. Next time you are in line at the checkout counter, pull out your smart phone and take some shots of the front page of these tabloids and see if you cant write some great subject lines off of them.
Your junk mail is a goldmine of great headlines and sub-headlines. Save the ones you like. Mix, match and adapt these headlines to suit your business. If you see a headline used over and over again, it’s because it is making them a lot of money. You do not have to re-invent the wheel. Somebody paid $1000’s to write that headline, and $1000’s more to test it – and you get to use it free.

Practice writing good headlines in the subject line of your emails. It is fun practice and your recipients will enjoy it too. “RE: This Saturday” is passive and boring. “RE: Let’s Do It This Saturday” is active and compelling.

Buy a good book on marketing. One excellent book, if still available, is “Tested Advertising Methods” by the legendary expert John Caples (with a foreword by David Ogilvy). John devoted four full chapters just to the subject of headlines because he learned early on how important they are.

If you follow these tips, you will become a Headline Writing Expert in no time – smarter than 90% of your competitors and 80% of advertising consultants. And when you experience the flood of sales that your headlines will create, many will want to know your secret to writing profitable punch line headlines.

Step up your email marketing with a sound approach and proven results. Learn how to create awesome headlines and powerful messages that SELL YOUR PRODUCT!

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