Keywords are the actual words or phrases typed into the search bar on a search engine. How to choose keywords for your website is the key to successful traffic generation. You should use your keywords and keyword phrases effectively within your site so when a search engine spiders your site, the keywords get picked up. If there are too many websites associated with your keyword, your website will get lost in the crush and you will not get any traffic. If your keyword is never searched your website will also not receive any traffic. There should be a variety of keywords and keyword phrases to choose keywords ,offered by Bob Lyle

Most people spend a lot of time and money creating gorgeous websites, but very little time on keyword research. Wouldn’t it be a shame to spend all that time and effort on the website, only to have it be neglected and unseen? How to choose keywords is important if you want to visitors to your site .Just having a website is not enough; you need to make sure people see it as well. With the proper keyword research you can insure that people who are searching online for what you have can actually find you.

Before you create your next post on your site, learn how to choose keywords and  take a few minutes and do a bit of keyword research

You should use keywords in the title tag. These keywords should be used in a descriptive sentence for each page within your site. You should repeat the keywords phrase two or three times but make sure that the title makes sense. You should also place all relevant keywords and keyword phrases in your Meta tag. Using keyword phrases as opposed to single keywords is generally helpful as single keywords can be very competitive. Avoid overuse of a keyword. This can actually hurt placement with some search engines if it is used too often.

Content of your site is the most important part of keyword placement. Search engines often concentrate on the first 250 words for relevancy and density so use the majority of your keywords there. Try to get a five to seven percent density but do not go over this. Search engines will consider this spamming and it will damage your placement. Make sure the content makes sense without sounding too repetitive. It may be helpful to write your content without using keywords first, then modify the content to incorporate your most relevant keywords.

For most people, keyword research is not nearly as fun as creating the website. But it’s definitely worth taking the time and putting in a bit of effort on your keyword research right from the start. It really is worth it to get this right.

Remember: your keyword research will lead to the right people arriving at your website. Those people will be looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Google has a free keyword research tool that is great for finding relevant keywords

or if you want to get more in depth, there are many paid versions of keyword tools that give more advanced research such as how many backlinks your particular competition has or your competitions site ranking , which could prove to be very beneficial to your site and your profit margin. I personally like Market Samurai.

Using either of these tools properly will give you the edge you need to be a successful blogger.

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