Down line building..necessary skill or marketing smoke and mirrors.

So, you want to know how to build a successful downline, you have your mind set on being an Internet marketing professional and dream of making big money on the Internet. If you look around Internet marketing forums one might soon get the idea that building down lines was a necessary evil in order to be a big success in the realm on online marketing.

Well here is some food for your brain that might just dispel that thought for you. How about this does Google need a downline to be successful? How about YouTube or MySpace? Granted they both need pools of eager user, there is no doubt that in the realm of sites like Facebook and Twitter, having networks of friends is helpful from a marketing perspective, but is it necessary to build a downline.

How to Build a Successful ownlineWhat is less clear is if the skill of building a downline necessary to become a successful online marketer. The term online marketer  is used here because so many have the preconceived notion that in Internet marketing downline building is a must. It is safe to say that if you have been on any Guru’s list for anytime at all, they have most certainly passed one program or another by you that required becoming a member of one of their downlines.

In this scenario, who is most often the one benefiting by this proposed alliance with you? The would be online marketer or the list owning guru. We will not try to argue the point that many have made a good living off of downline building and that there is a certain merit to downline structured enterprises, but for whom? Generally the one that benefits most from these programs are the list owner or program owner not the would be online marketer that is on average going to build a downline of no more than a handful of sign ups.

Before you can answer the question is downline building a necessary marketing skill, you need to answer the question what kind of online business are you in search of in the first place. This question should be answered before you go any further into a possible career as an online business owner. The second question and even more important is what type of person are you?

Yes, the most important question in knowing whether downline building is necessary is who are you. Without answering this question, you will not know which type of business model is best suited to your personality. Without this information you are destined to spend months maybe even years bouncing around from program to program from system to system trying to find your path in the Internet marketing jungle.

Getting to know one’s self sounds easy at first but many of us have a hard time separating out the person we would like to think of ourselves as and the true underlying you. If being a cheerleader, a team player, a personal training coach, a hand holder, someone who is constantly answering the same seemingly ridiculous questions repeatedly, then any online marketing career that involves downline building is for you.

If taking charge, being responsible for your own actions, and decisions sounds more like the true you, and the above make you want to scream then you are probably better suited to an online marketing career designed around being a lone wolf a person in charge of their own destiny and responsible for no one but themselves. If this is the case, I am here to tell you, downline building is not a prerequisite to being a successful online marketer or even may we dare Internet marketer.How to Build a Successful ownline

There are many ways to make a very comfortable living on the Internet that requires absolutely no downline building skill at all. Most websites owners have very little need for the skill of downline building what they do need is the ability to grow successful list of customers, build traffic to a website, and maybe even the opposite side of downline building, growing a list of their own affiliates. This last one not being a prerequisite to a successful website either.

So, in the end if you are finding building huge downlines a problem, you just do not seem to have your heart in it maybe you do not need to. Maybe what you need is a web business that does not require the needed skills of how to build a successful downline. Maybe you need the type of online business that actually dominates the Internet, maybe what you need is your own website business. Your still going to need some sort of marketing skills to accomplish this. I recommend a training platform such as My Lead System Pro  to accomplish this task. They not only teach you the skills required but can also give you insight and training into many other methods of online income generating procedures all without the need of downlines.

Taking action in one of the many advertising platforms to recently take over the web where you earn without the need to recruit others or build a huge downline, may be what you desire as well. Make sure you do your homework on these because many of them are just in the starting phases and may not stand the test of time. My Advertising Pays (MAPS) is probably one of the longest running with a good reputation and over 185,000 current active members.












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